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My cousin & Chachi

My Hot Sister.

I am pankaj from Punjab.I am doing Engineering in a local college and my age is 21.I have a very sexy sister. Let's call her Poonam. She is of 17 yrs of age and is very sexy.One day when i came from college, i got to her room and saw her sleeping, she was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt. i was really very aroused by the way she was sleeping with her thighs a bit widened. Suddenly, i realized that nobody was at home and this was my big chance to try her.Slowly i came closer to her and put my hand on her boobs. They were really very big and then i starting pressing them. She was still in her deep sleep. Then slowly i starting putting my hand in her skirt, she has very sexy thighs, pure milky without any hair on them. Then i approached my hand to her black panty. Then slowlyi put one of my fingers in her pussy. Really, it was the best moment of my life. her choot was really very hot and it was completely shaved one. Now i couldn't control myself and i starting removing her panty, which gave me a full and clear view of her virgin choot. Suddenly in her deep sleep, she turned her face towards the ceiling and widened her legs.

This gave me full chance to view her hole. At this point, without thinking anything i brought my lips towards her and kissed her on her lips.She opened her eyes at this moment and pushed me. But i was really mad at that moment and kissed her again. At this moment she tried to speak something,but my lips locked her lips. Suddenly i inserted my tounge into her mouth. She smiled a bit and requested me not to do any further. At this point, i stopped for a while and requested her to just remove her clothes and i will not do anything with her. She agreed and slowly removed her skirt and her t-shirt.

There stood my sister completely naked in front of me. I again grabbed her and kissed her hard. She started responding, what else would i need. I started pressing her boobs hard and licked her nipples violently. She started moaning and then she told me to kiss her cunt. I put my tounge into her choot.It tasted great!. I licked her cunt for 10-11 minutes and then i french kissed her for 15 more minutes. At this point she herself told me to fuck her. Then i removed my pants and put my hard 9" straight rod onto her choot and slowling pushing it into her choot. After 2-3 strokes my lund was completely into her choot. And then i struggled for abt half and hour and filled her cunt with my juices. She was very excited by this and agreed to give her ass too to my hot rod. After kissing her again i put my rod into her asshole and pushed my whole rod through one stroke and fucked her very hard... she was screaming as well as moaning. My finger too was struggling in her cunt. After sometime we both got our orgasm at the same time.

Suddenly the door bell rang. It was my mother, I quickly put my shirt and my pant. And she immediately went to bathroom for taking bath and i went to open the door.Everything seemed to be normal to my mom. At night again i came to her room slowly and asked her how was that day experience. She said it was great and then she hugged me and we kissed again...and then that ended up in our fucking again.. For that day onwards i fuck almost every night when my parent are asleep. So this is my experience and i am again waiting for 1.00 am to go to her room and do our daily routine.

2. Me.N.My.Chachi.

Well this happened when my Aunt came to visit. My parents are abroad, and I am doing my Catering.. My dad called up to tell me that his elder brother's wife would be coming to visit and would stay at our place for a month or so as she had some work to be done. I'd last seen her about 2 years ago - a very plump/stout woman 48years.

When she arrived I was stunned to see a woman who had shed most of her fat, and though she was still large, she was now well-figured, 36C-30-38 A couple of days after she arrived, I woke up and came into the workroom, and found the computer open to your website.. It was an experience of a guy with his aunt. I read part of it finding it very arousing, then quietly went back to my bedroom.

A little later, my Aunt called out to me asking if I would like Coffee and I said "Yes". She told me that she would bring it to me. When she entered my room, she was wearing a thin cotton nightie, and it was obvious that she was bra-less. I was sitting up in bed and she handed me a cup and sat on the bed next to me saying "Did you like what you read? I know you might feel embarrassed, but I read experiences from indiansexstories everyday. What you read about the Aunt episode is possible, especially if it is with an aunt who is not related to you by blood, just like you and me" I was wearing just my shorts and her closeness to me was adding to the arousal I had when reading the experience.

I told her "Aunt May, you are my Dad's brother's wife" She said "what did you think when you saw me?" I told her that my mind was blown and my first thoughts were "Wowee, this aunt of mine is really sensual" Her hand started rubbing my chest, and I placed my hand across her thighs, realising that she had no panties on also. She took my cup from me and placing on the bedside table, leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My hand slipped up to her breasts cupping one, then the other. Her hand went into my shorts, taking hold of my semi-erect cock.

We remained like that for about five minutes, then broke our embrace. She stood up and lifted her nightie over her head, and I removed my shorts. She was beautiful to look at, her breasts with dark brown large areola topped with light brown erect nipples. She came and lay down next to me, telling me "Take it easy, let us enjoy the moment" I took her in my arms, enfolding her, and her hands were in my hair, on my back and then between my legs. I had grown erect, and she pushed me down on my back, then sat astride me. I inserted my erect cock into her warm cunt, sliding in easily. Her hands were now on my shoulder, her head thrown back as she moved her vagina against my pelvis.

Her breasts were dangling in front of my face and I raised my head and started sucking on her already erect and hard nipples. Her eyes were closed, and soft "Ooooh, aaaah, yesssss, myyyyyyyy, yesssss" was emitting from her. I was groaning with the pleasure that I was experiencing. I had had sex before but this was something different. She told me "Suck harder on my nipples, squeeze both my breasts together and take both nipples in your mouth, bite them lightly" I did so, and her moans increased, while the feeling on my cock became wet with her juices. I felt my self coming and told her so. She said "I too am coming hold on for just a minute" I managed to do so, and then we both came together.

I exploded into her while at the same time she did too, collapsing on top of me, both of us holding each other tight, as we reached our climax. As the tension eased out of our bodies, we started kissing and mauling each others bodies. till we were completely at ease., then she lifted herself off me and we lay sideways, our arms around each other.

She asked me "Are you happy, I am. And this will be our secret" I said "I am happy and glad that this happened. I never expected it to, but, yes. this will remain our secret. I am now looking forward to the rest of your stay here. I know it is going to be wonderful for me" She said "For me too" .
After lying together for some time, she told me "Always call me Aunt May, even when you are reaching a climax, because when we meet and you parents are there, you must address me that way" I told her "Aunt May, I will do that but I know that when I see you, I will think of what happened between us" She said "Rahul remember, this is our secret, and I want you to do things for me, something that I have only dreamt about. Will you?" I told her "Aunt, whatever you want.

For me this is a dream come true" She told me "Darling, now please just suck my breasts and rub you hand on my pussy" Her nipples were hard and extended to nearly 1-1/2 inch, almost black and her areola were dark brown. Her Pussy was wet and her clitoris was extended to nearly an inch. She kept moaning with her "Aaaaaah, oohhhh yesssssssss, I love that, don't stop, yessssssssssss" The feel of her nipples in my mouth was wonderful. She suddenly said "Suck my breasts from below", lifting her breasts so that I got the undersides of them. As I sucked, there were marks coming on her skin and I told her.

She said "I want that because they are your love bites" My cock was semi-erect, but I continued sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy. till she climaxed once more. She said "Wow, that was great. Never have I achieved this kind of an experience. I wish your Uncle was good to me like you are" I told her "Aunt May, you are just wonderful" She then told me "Rahul, now relax for sometime, because I want you to experience happiness just like I have" We did so, just holding each other. Her body was warm and inviting, her thighs across mine, her hand fondling me. It was something different from the sex I had before with girls of my age. Whatever happened must have made me tired, because I fell asleep in her arms, as she caressed me, running her hands thru my hair, over my back, thighs, arms.

When I woke up, I found her sitting up in bed, her hand just caressing my hair. She said "Rahul you look beautiful asleep" I asked her "Aunt May did you not sleep" She said "How could I? You have given me such pleasure, and I enjoyed just watching you sleep and I wanted your energy to return so that you could fuck me again. See, your cock is already hard and I know that you will last longer now that you have re-energised yourself with rest" I did have a hard-on, my cock erect and hard.

She told me "This time, kneel between my thighs and slowly insert your cock into my pussy till you are fully in, then lie on top of me for some time, I want to feel your hard cock inside me. You uncle only used to get hard, then stroke three or four times and discharge his load. With you I have enjoyed like never before and I want what I used to dream of as a young girl but have only now experienced. Go slow with your strokes when you are fucking me, do not be fast" I told her "Aunt May, I told you whatever you want"

Then I knelt between her legs, and slow entered her, and I reached fully, I lay on top of her telling her "Aunt, the feel of your breasts against my chest is fantastic" She took my face in her hands, and saying "Kiss me" locked her lips with mine. This time, I shoved my tongue into her mouth, and she started sucking on it, which felt really good.

After a while she said "Now start stroking in and out of me, but slowly, not fast" My hands were besides her shoulders, and I did go slow for the next ten minutes, till she climaxed and as she did she contracted her cunt muscles, making me come too.

After we were again easy, she said "Rahul, I will ask you to do certain sexual acts with me, will you do it for me" I told her "Aunt May, I am yours for whatever you want done to you so that you can achieve what you wanted"

3. My Lonely Aunt

This is the top secret inside our family that is between me and my mother. We are living in India. My father is in army so most of the time he is away from us. I am twenty four and my mom is forty eight. She has given birth to a child now (my last sister ). I don't know why my parents have waited long for this child. My father came home for the child birth. I just now finished msc and start searching job. My father asked me to stay at home for at least three months and help mom. I said its okay. So he went back to work soon.

So stayed back at home and helped mom. I did everything mom wants and took care of my sister. My sister sleeps most of the time so we two sit together and watch TV. Usually I masturbate once or twice a week and I am not very much interested in that. One day when I opened the door of my mom's room , she was feeding my sis. I turned back immediately. My mom called me loud and asked me to come in. My curiosity to watch that scene again made me to go back to her room. When I opened the door this time she invites me with a smile. She said 'common in my son, rinku, and its nothing wrong in it'. I got in and sat by the side of mom and started to watch that scene.

Very first time I looked at my mom's cleavage and breast with little lust. I don't know why??? She is having a large pair of boobs. Its 38c, I think. Till today I didn't ask her the size of her boobies. Very smooth skin. At the age of 48 this smoothness is highly impossible. Nice cleavage. My mom noticed me that I am staring at her. She asked me 'what are you looking at, I fed you the same way I do now, my pyare rinku beta..'. I got tensed. The suckling sound made by my sis made me nervous. My dick started to get live. I just laughed at mom to make the situation ease and asked ' how this milk tastes'. As soon as I asked only I felt that I asked a wrong question, but my mom didn't show any anger but she laughed and said 'I expect this question from you for a long time'... I said ' what do you mean' mom replied 'nothing'. Mom was feeding my sis with just one boob exposed.

I just kept quiet. Suddenly she asked 'do u like to taste'. I simply replied 'only if you allowed'. Mom said 'cool my son,,, common taste it now rinku ..taste it my beta ..' I asked 'really' and she said ' of course'. I got up and sat on my knees in front of my mom's chair. My sis is still sucking. I asked 'shall I' she said 'mmmmm' I took my hand and opened the other side of her blouse, button by button, and it fell on the floor. Now she was dressed inside in her matronly floral white bra. I reached for my mother's milky white cleavage over the bra and fell those spongy melons of lust for the first time. I touched her boob and looked at her, she closed her eyes. I just pressed it and milk started to ooze from it. I slowly put my tongue on her nipple and licked the drop which oozed out. She gave a sound 'ha-ha' I put my mouth on the nipple and started to suck. Its really taste it I got tensed and started to suck and massage fast. She put her one hand on my hair and said 'please slowly, my dear rinku, you may hurt my chuchu' and I replied 'sorry mom', I sucked continuously. Till her breast got dry. When I got up I noticed my member is erect and pushing front of my shorts. My mom noticed it. She smiled and got up from the chair and put my sis into the cradle. She came directly to me and put her hand on my dick it's already erect. She asked me 'shall I remove your shorts so that you will feel comfortable' I looked into mom's eyes and told 'okay'. She started to pull my shorts down.

My 9" dick came out like a bullet from the shorts and stand like a stallion. She holds it in her hands and said 'mmmmm is bigger than your dad…. I like it' . I didn't reply . Now her boobs are hanging freely and she wore only a dress which normally Indian wears under their saris. I put my hand on her boob... She asked ' how do you feel this' I said 'very nice and soft…., I like to touch it long'… she said 'your sis left some milk... You like to finish it up' I said 'yeee'. She left my dick and sat on the sofa. So I went to her and sat on the sofa next to her. She pulled my head and I fall on her lap. She guided her boob to my mouth. I started sucking again at the same time she put her hand on my freed cock. She moved her hand front and back. I sucked and sucked…. Like a baby while she gave hand. She didn't shave her armpit , little hair was there and it gave me a smell. That smell made me mad I bite her nipple and she cried loudly….. Pushed my head away and said 'your sis needs this, don't hurt that…' I said 'sorry' and started to smell her armpit . I kissed her pit and put my saliva there , so it became slippery. I did the same thing to the next armpit and made it sloppy. She holds my dick and massaging it while I did all these.

I slowly put my hand around her neck and pulled towards me. We kissed passionately on the lips. She released from the kiss and said ' I gave you milk to drink, now give me back the milk I gave for me' I asked 'how' she said ' I will show it to you' she got up and sit on the floor. She took my semi hard dick in her hand and put it in her mouth and started to suck. She sucked hard and my dick got lives and become rock hard. I don't know what to say but I like that. In excitement I pumped into her mouth lots and lots of cum . She drank it madly and left my flaccid cock from her mouth. She said ' thank you for the milk you gave' I told 'thanks mom' both kissed again and slept in the floor.

In the morning I usually drink black tea. Mom use to prepare tea for both. When she gave me tea I said ' to day I am going to have milk tea' she was surprised and asked ' do you want me to bring the milk bottle' I said ' no not that milk but yours…' her face became red and said '''cheeeeeeee' I pulled her towards me and made her to sat on my lap and started to open her gown. Pulled her boob out and ask her to put some milk in my jug…. She pumped some into my tea .. I mixed up and drank… it gave a different taste…

After breakfast she asked me ' we both are alone in home and why do we wear dress in side hom' I agreed with her. Thereafter we two never wore dresses in side home and she allowed me to suck her boobs at anytime I want and I too allowed her … to do me…or suck me…


Talab Ka Pani.

Main apni sabse pahle 1st sex ke bare mein batana chahta hoon. Aap sabhi land wale aur chut walion se asha hai ki aap sabko pasand aayegi aur hamein iska jabab jarror likehnge. Main jab 10th mein 16 saal ka that, Gaon mein padhta tha to kabhi kbhi bhains (buffalow) charata tha. Mere ghar se kuch door talab ke kinare ek pariwar rahta that. Uske ghar ke phiche main apni bhains charane jata tha. Us ghar mein ek khubsurat 16 saal ki larki rahti thi jiska naam tha Saloni. Saloni bhi padhti thi hamare school mein 9th mein.

Kafi sunder thi, boobs to mano kashmiri seb tha, main us par latoo tha. Use main kabhi kabhi nahate hue dekh leta tha. Badan to sangmarmar ke jaise chikni aur gori thi. Ek din main khel raha tha to meri bhains uske bare ke undar chala gaya. Saloni aayi aur jor jor se gali dene lagi ki kiska bhains hai. Main daur kar aaya. Mujhe dekh kar Saloni saham gayi kyonki main bare ghar ka larka tha. Saam ka samay tha, uske ghar mein koi nahin that.. Maine kaha gali kyon deti ho. Dena hi hai hai to kuch aur do. Saloni boli kya? Maine kaha pyas lagi hai pani pila do to wapas apne ghar ke andar jakar pani le aai. Mein jhuk kar jan boojh kar dheere dheere pani pine laga aur uske boobs ko niharne laga, jhookne ke karan uske boobs dikhai de raha tha. Saloni is baat ko dekh rahi thi. Saloni ne kaha ki jaldi pio, maine kaha ki jis din tumhe pani pilaoonga usdin kafi der taka pilaoonga. Wo boli main kyon pioon tumhara pani. Maine kaha tum khubsurat ho, jawan ho, padhti ho kabhi jaroorat pare to ghar ke pichware wale talab par aa jana main pani pilaoonga. Saloni mera munh chidhati hui hans kar bhag gai. Yeh sisila chalta raha. Kabhi School mein bat chit ho jati thi, par main darta tha.

Ek din dopahar mein main uske ghar ke pichware talab mein naha raha tha, aas paas koi nahin tha. Main dhire dhire gana ga raha tha aur naha raha tha. Tabhi dekha ki Saloni apne kapre lekar nahane aa rahi hai. Main chup ho gaya aur talab mein kinare ghas ke pass jakar chup chap chhup gaya. Saloni ne idhar udhar dekha, jab use laga ki koi nahi hai to wo apne kapre ped ke paas utarne lagi. Pahle usne apni odhni uteri. Maine uski golaion ko dekh kar pagal ho gaya. Phir usne apni salwar uteri, uski gori gori tango ko dekh kar mera land khara hone laga. Phir usne apna kurta utara aur jaldi se baith gayi. Use sirf bra aur paintee mein dekh kar mera pura sarir pani ke andar garam ho gaya. Mere kaan lal aur garam ho gaye. Main chup chap araha. Phir wo paani mein utar gayi nahane ke liye aur nahane lagi. Talab choti hi thi. Main pani ke andar dubki lagayi aur uske paas paani ke undar se nikla. Saloni daar ke mare cheekh hi pari. Maine ek haath se uska munh band kar diya aur doosre hath se uske boobs ko sahlane laga. Saloni boli ye kya kar rahe ho, maine kaha, ek din maine tumhe kaha tha ki paani pilaoonga, wo din aaj aa gaya. Phir maine uske sambhale se pahle, uske naram naram mulayam hothon par apna hoth rakh kar jor jor se kiss karne laga aur pani mein apne se chipta liya.

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Kuch der baad ham dono uthkar nahane lage. Ham don one phir milne ka wada kar ek doosre ko bharpoor kiss karke naha kar chale gaye. Uske baad 3 saal tak hamlogon ko jab bhi mauka milta tha ham dono alag alag assan mein, ghodibanakar, ped par chadkar, pani mein, uske ghar mein sex ka ultf uthate rahe. Phir uski saadi ho gayi aur mera land phir nikal para ek addad choot ki khoj mein.

Raju...Only....For.....U. Reply If u like.

My Neighbour.

Ye kahani kuch 6 mahine pehle ki hai, normally mein roz subhe 8 baje nikal jata tha aur phir dopeher main ata tha. Mere padosi Mr. Sharma rehte hai. He is a businessmen. Unaki ek mast si wife hai Heena, jo pass ke ek school main Teacher hai. Wo subha 8:00 AM per school jati hai aur 1:00 PM per ghar aa jati hai. Phir din bhar ghar main akeli reheti thi.ek din mara holiday wala din tha toh main aaram se so raha thaa mom neh mujhe jagaya or bola ki door lock kar lo main office ja rahi hun main neh uth kar door lock kiya or phir soo gaya karib 30 min baad phir door bell baji. Maine door khola aur dekha to Heena samne khadi thi.main heran ho gaya or soch raha tha ki yeh hot women aaj mere ghar per keyse? Need main main yeh bhi bhol gaya ki main sirf underware main hun woh mujhe badi goor se dekh rahi thi ki tabhi woh acanak husneh lage or boli ghar main kapdeh nahi hai kya main neh neechye dekha or bhag kar aapneh room main gaya or short and sando pehen kar aaya tab tak woh haal main byeth gayi thi... Main neh puch ki kahiye kese aana huaa woh boli ki kal hamare school main fath party hai main uss ki ticket's bech rahi hun 2 ticket's bachi thi soch aap ko de dun mein neh kaha ki aapneh bilkul theek socha main neh unse ticket's le li Thodi der bat chit huyi. Phir usase meri acchi friendship ho gayi thi.Hamari mulakat ke kuch 18 din bad wo mere kamare main baithi thi. Main uske sath masti kar raha tha. Masti masti main maine uske chochiyo ko dabaya, phir wo uth ke chali gayi. Phir dusare din wo mere kamare me phir se ayi. Lekin jab wo ane wali thi usake pehele maine apne computer pe sexy movie laga ke rakhi thi, jab wo kamre main ayi to usane dekha ki sexy film chal rahi hai.

Tab maine wo phatak se band kar di, mujhe pata tha ki wo mujhe puchegi ki tum kya dekh rahe the. Aur usane wahi pucha to maine kaha kuch nahi wo tumhare kam ki chiz nahi hai. To wo jid karne lagi, tab main use kaha ki main sexy movie dekh raha tha. Tab wo boli ki mujhe bhi dekhni hai. Phir maine movie phir se on ki.. Thodi der bad main usake kareeb ja ke baitha to usane mujhe pucha kya tumane kabhi eesa kiya hai? To maine kaha han. Aur maa samj gaya ki who mujsa chudwana chati hai, Maine use jhat se pakadkar kiss karne laga shro main woh na nahi karneh lagi per nahi mana toh woh normalho gayi. Phir dhire dhire use chumata raha, jab mujhe ehesas hua ki wo puri garm ho chuki thi to maine usake kapde utarna shuru kiya uuse tite saree bandh rakhi thi jis main wohbahot sexy lag rahi thi.. Usake kapde utarne ke bad usaki komal najuk jawani dekhkar main thodi der dang sa rehe gaya. Uska figure bilkul Ideal figur tha, uska figure yehi koi 36-28-34 tha. Uske boobs to bade-2 aur gore-2 the. Uski chut pe ek bhi baal nahi tha aur gulabi rang wadi rasili chut thi.Phir maine aapne kapde bhi utar diye jese he main neh aapna underwer uttara toh woh mera 9 inch lamba or 5.5 inch mota lund dekh kar dang reh gayi uske muh se ek haaaaaiiiiiiiiii nikli or boli kya main isko jhel paungi main bola mere jaan ager tum khud aapne kuhle uttha uttha kar mera pura lund aapne chut main na lo toh mera naam badal dena phir mainne usse aapna lund muh me lene ke liye kaha. Tab wo boli ki kitna bada hai tumhara lund main to mar jaungi. To maine kaha chinta mat kar meri jan main dhire dhire karoonga phir wo mera lund muh mein le kar 20 minut tak chusati rahi. Woh pehli baar ye sab kar rahi thi lekin kisi tajurbekar ladki ki tarah ye sab kar rahi thi.thodi der baad hum 69 potion main aa gaye woh mere upper thi or mera lund khub jor jor se jitna ho sakta thaa utna aapneh muh mein le kar choosss rahi thi mein bhi uski chut.

Chatne aur chusne laga. To woh chhatpatane lagi. Meine meri jibh uski chut me dal ke use jibh se chodne laga woh muh se mmmmmaaa aaaaahhh kar rahi thi use ab 2 maze mil rahe the ek toh chut chatneh ka or dusra lund chosne ka. Mera lund lohe ki tarah sakht ho gaya tha ab meine use bed pe lita diya aur mera lund usaki chut par rakhkar dhire dhire andar dalne ki koshish kar raha tha. Lekin chut tite hone ke karan wo andar nahi ja raha tha phir main uttha or tel la kar uski chut per or kuch aapne lund per laga kar uski chut ke ched per lund rakhne ke bad maine uske lip per mere lip rakh ke use kiss karne laga aur ek jor ka jhatka diya aur pura lund uski chut mein andar tak dal diya. Uske munh se ek chikh nikal gayi lekin mere munh ke andar dab gayi. Uski sil tutne ki wajah se usaka blooding shuru ho gaya tha aur woh rone lag gai thi. To mein thodi der uski tight aur rasili chut me mera bada aur mota lund dale huye bina hile dule uske upar pada raha aur uske boobs dabata raha aur use kiss karata raha.Phir thodi der bad use jab accha lagne laga tab maine jhatke dena shuru kiya. Mein uski bilkul fresh chut mein mera bada aur mota lund under-bahar kar ke use chod raha tha aur woh bhi niche se uske kulhe utha-utha ke maze lekar mujse chudwa rahi thi. Uske munh se badi azib si awwazein aa rahi thi ooohhh Raj mere raja aaj mujhe orat bana do is kali koh phol bana do. Woh pura lund le rahi thi aur muje lalkar rahi thi. Aur zor se chodo apani rani ko. Aaj tumne muje swarga ka maza diya hai aaahhh. Ab to mein tumse hi rozana chudwaya karungi. Faad do apani rani ki chut ko, bana do uska bhosada. Uske munh se aisi batein sun ke muje bada josh aa raha thaa or jor jor se uski chut chod raha tha har dhakke main woh ek do inch upper ho rahi thi takreban 40 min ki chudayi keh baad woh boli mera RAJ raja main jhdne wali hun oohhh aaahhhh lo main jjhadiiiiii usne mujhe aapne lag's keh beech main jakad kiya tha main bhi ruk gaya woh jab puri tarha jhad gayi toh boli Raj meri jaan aaj tumneh mujhe phol bana diya hai main neh puch tum khus to hona woh boli aaj se pehle main kabhi bhi itni khus nahi hui main bola theek hai abhi mera jhdna baki hai aab tum dogy styel main ho jaoo main tumhe peeche se chodunga woh turant ghum gayi peechye se.

Uske kulhe bahut mast lag rahe the phir main neh puch ki kya main tumhari gand main aapna lund daal sakta hun woh boli jo cahe karo bas mujhe mazaa anaa cahiye main bola shroo main thoda dard hoga toh woh boli pata hai main na bhi karun tab bhi tum jabardasti meri gand jarur marogye wese main bhi gand chudwaneh ka maza lena cahti hun bus aaram se marna meri gand ko main neh kaha theek hai phir main neh tohda tel liya or uski gand per lagaya or kuch aapne lund per.Phir main neh uss ki gand ke ched per aapna 9 inch lamba or 5.5 inch mota lund rakha or ek jordar dhakka mara uss nh aapneh hot daba liye jisse uski ciikh bahar nahi aa saki main ne dekha woh ro rahi thi main neh puch Heena kya dard ho raha hai toh rehne dete hai woh boli nahi RAJ plz aapna lund mat nikalna pura lund meri gand main daal do main bhi nahi rukka or pura lund bahar karke ek jordar jhatka mara ki pura ka pura lund uski gand main sama gaya phir main rukka nahi or khub uski gand marta raha uski gand uski chut se bhi jyada tite thi mujhe uski gand marneh main bahut maza aa raha tha or woh bhi meri chudai ka maza le rahi thi or ohhhh aaaaahh maro RAJ or jor se maro meri gand jita cahee marte raho mujhe tumse chudwaneh main bahut maza aa raha hai takriban 30-35 minut use chodne ke bad mainne Heena ko kaha ki meri jaan main ab jhadneh wala hun toh woh boli plzzzzzzz RAJ meri gand ko aapneh anmol ras se bhar do main tumhara bahut ehsaan mand rahungi is doran main aapni seema par aa gaya thaa or khub jor jor se apna..

Lund uski gand main dal kar chod raha tha woh aahh mmmmaa aaahhhh maro maro chilla rahi thi ki tabhi main jhadne laga main ne aapna pyara ras usaki gand main dal diya.jhadneh ke doran usse bhi mera ras aapni gand main mehsuse ho raha tha jab main pura pani uski gand main nekal kar aapna lund bahar kiya toh oski gand se mera pani bahar aa raha tha phir woh uuth kar bathroom gaye or kapde pehne.Phir mujhe kis karneh lagi mian ne Heena se pucha ki tum toh married ho phir tumhari chut se blood kesa woh boli ki plz kisi ko batana nahi mere pati mujhe theek se chod nahi pate hai unka lund 3-4 inch se jyada nahi hai jiski wajeh se mere seel bhi nahi tod sahe hai woh toh 1 ya 2 min main hi jahd jate hai or main pyaasi reh jati thi tum toh jante ho Sonia ko woh mere good friend hai.jab main neh use aapni problem batai toh usse ne mujhse promise liya or bola main teri problem theek kar sakti hun ager tum mano toh phir main neh SONIA se kaha ki mian waada karti hun ki yeh baat mere siwa kisi ko pata nahi calegi us keh baad usneh mujhe tumhare or uske relation ke bare main bataya or kaha ki tum cahoo toh RAJ ko pata sakti ho or uske lund ka maza le sakti ho phir main ticket ke bahane tumse mili or dhere dhere tumse khul gayi main us ki baat sun kar heran tha par mujhe kya mujhe toh chut cahiye thi jo mujhe mili or woh bhi fresh phir usne pucha ki RAJ jab kabi sex karne ka moka melega to kya tum mujhe chodogye main neh kaha ki tumhe na karne wala koi pagal hi ho sakta hai tum jab bhi mujhe yaad karogi main aa jaunga phir woh mujhe kiss kar ke cali gayi. Phir do tin din tak wo mere yaha ayi nahi. Leking uske badd jab bhi hamein moka milta hai main usse khob chodta hun. Aaj tak meine use kitani baar choda hai yeh muje bhi yaad nahi hai lekin aaj bhi mein use bade pyar aur maze se chodta hu aur woh bhi chudwati hai.



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