Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reply on Muslim Women

Reply to Laura Bush
This is a reply letter by Ahlam Amro (Umm Habibah) to Laura Bush when she visited Jordan few years back.
Dear Mrs. Bush and her fellow oppressed, socially subjugated and blinded female supporters,
After hearing your demeaning and malicious address aimed at us women in the Middle Eastern societies i.e. Muslims, I felt compelled to produce this reply. During what was supposedly an Economic Forum today in Jordan, you made an agenda to highlight the ‘lack of literacy, education, freedom and rights as well as the severe oppression faced by the Muslimah’.
Well, Laura, it seems that you had your business suit on too tight and have become blinded by the false reassurance of your latest makeover and hairstyle. Either that, or you are completely ignorant of Islamic culture while being accustomed to the unnatural atrocities and constant humiliation faced by women in the West. Therefore I will address your speech; I will then advise YOU and YOUR society on the terrible oppression YOU as women are facing…
- Mrs. Bush, you live in a society where pornography is normal and the depiction of women in humiliating poses and demeaning acts is considered an 'expression of freedom’. A dozen men committing animalistic acts upon a single woman is your society’s idea of a ‘turn on’. Even the advertising of a sports car or a chocolate bar requires a demeaning image of a half naked woman used as a mere visual device.
Islam forbids the performing of jobs which aim to exploit and demean a woman's femininity.
- Your society is one which deems the natural God given beauty of motherhood as a ‘hindrance to one’s career and needs to be put on hold’. You have even gone as far as demonizing child birth as a horrific and painful experience which results in ‘depression’ and ‘losing one’s curvaceous figure’.
In Islam the concept of child birth is such an honor that a woman who dies during childbirth is described as a 'martyr'.

- You live in a society where an adulterous husband is acceptable i.e. there is no law punishing such illicit behavior. Just ask your predecessor, Hilary, to know first hand the humiliation and dishonor of a cheating husband who is not held accountable. In fact pre-nuptial agreements related to mistrust within relationships even before marriages occur is now a ‘norm’ in your society.
Islam punishes the adulterer and the fornicator.
- Your society indoctrinates teenage girls through the various media forms that the preservation of one’s virginity is something shameful and a lack of 'boyfriends' a reflection of their inadequacy to attract the opposite sex.
Islam encourages marriage at an early age thus satisfying the instincts in a civilized manner, not that of promiscuous animals who have no recognition of the person they woke up with the following morning.
The Messenger of Allah (SAWW) said: “Oh you who are young. Whoever amongst you who can afford to marry should marry”.
- Prostitutes and their Pimps on sidewalks i.e. ‘free’ women who have to sell their bodies for a living, are commonplace in your ‘free’ society.
Islam makes it obligatory upon the man to earn money to look after his family, but not for the woman. Rather it is permitted for her whether she wishes to work or does not wish to work.
Allah (SWT) said: “Let the rich man (zu sa’atin) spend according to his means”. [At- Talaq: 7] (The ‘zu’ being used in the masculine gender only). And He (SWT) says: “But the father of the child shall bear the cost of the mother’s food and clothing” [Al-Baqarah: 233]
- Mrs. Bush, you spoke of the need for our women to be successful – is that the 'success' of more than 90% of female Hollywood celebrities who have had to bare their flesh or wear scantily clad dresses at award ceremonies to get any hope of recognition for their talent? Is it the same kind of 'success' that drove actress Halle Berry to be completely naked in a movie so that she could be the first African American woman to receive an Oscar?
In Islam the true meaning of success is to do that which pleases my Creator, Allah SWT, and to refrain from what he has forbidden me from – therefore attaining eternal Paradise, Inshallah.
- ‘First Lady’ you are, of a society that terms women who wish to devote their time bringing up their children and being with their husbands as ‘failures wasting their potential’. Surely Mrs. Bush, if you’d have spent more time at home with your own children instead of gallivanting around the world with your inferiority complex, surely then your daughter wouldn’t have had her drinking problem?
- Speaking of motherhood Mrs. Bush, you mentioned the importance of 'educating' mothers in your speech. Well, we all know that America has a really high opinion of 'mothers'. Phrases such as "motherf***er", "Bitch" and "Whore" are casually and commonly used terms of the western youth who are 'educated' with your hedonistically sacrilegious pop culture. Incidentally the latter _expression (whore) was stolen by your Christian forefathers after the massacre and slaughter of innocent Muslims in the satanic Crusades. The term 'houreeh" as mentioned in the Noble Qur'an, refers to the pure chaste women of Jannah (heaven). In an attempt to deface our Islamic values, the Crusaders adopted and used the term in a derogatory manner so as to insult and corrupt the notion of the 'Women of Jannah'. Is it no coincidence Laura, that with your speech you too are attempting to achieve the same thing with the Muslimah of today?
Islam silences the tongues of those who speak badly of and slander the honor of women. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Avoid the seven great destructive sins”. The people enquired, “Oh Allah’s Messenger! What are they?” He (SAW) said: “to associate partners along with Allah, to practice sorcery, to kill the life which Allah has forbidden, to eat up Riba (usury), to eat up an orphan’s wealth, to retreat in front of the enemy at the time of fighting, and to accuse chaste and unaware women believers”.
- With regards to the education you so passionately want for us – does that include the numerous books of classical English literature which glamorize adultery and fornication? Does it include the numerous daytime television programs which satisfy your society by offering them pathetic escapism from their mundane lives by showing facial makeovers, hot spas and dream homes? Is it the same education where mindless gibberish about soap operas, Hollywood gossip and movies are deemed the main topic of discussion? Does it include an education system which aims at destroying the Islamic values in turn for the self centered individualistic approach of Capitalism?
Islam demands education and literacy but with our culture and values including Fiqh, Usul, Tilawa etc. Which will benefit or educate me and my children more - reading Laurence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' or Ibn Ishaq's 'Heyat ar Rasul'? I don't need to guess which one you've read. Indeed your quality 'education' has made your nation of cheerleading American youths to reject YOU as a role model in preference to the highly 'literate and conceptual' Britney Spears.
In Islam the pursuance of knowledge and understanding is an obligation, the Messenger of Allah (SAWW) said: “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim, male and female.”
- You spoke of domestic violence as if it was a serious disease spreading in the Middle East. How ironic coming from a woman whose society glorifies and glamorizes the beating, humiliation and rape of women through their various media forms of music and movies.
- Oh Laura! How dare you talk of the need for protection of women in the Middle East when it is an established fact that the rape rate in America is the highest in the world. What we do need protection from is your society's corrupt ideas and values which have created such an atmosphere of fear and evil that women in America are afraid to walk the streets alone at night. Even an elderly woman is afraid of answering the door, not just from a burglary but of the common possibility that she too will be gagged and gang raped by a product of your ideology. Will you deny that it's not common for a woman in America to be mugged or raped in a public place, such as the subway, and have her screams for help completely ignored?
In Islam a woman is deemed such an honor that her dignity is protected at all costs. Such is the magnitude of Islam's high view of women, that a Muslim man who dies defending his honor is given the blessing of being a martyr. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “Whoever is killed defending his Ahal (kin) is a martyr.” The Arabic word Ahal, includes the wife, the mother and the daughter.

- So Laura, when is the ‘nip and tuck’ due or the upcoming ‘facelift’? Your oppressive society has made women so self conscious and feeling inadequate that plastic surgery is almost a fashion accessory. Is America really producing, strong, confident women if they are turning to breast implants and collagen lips for an ego boost?

The example of Lady Fatima (prophet's daughter) who openly accounted Omar ibn al Khattab because of a proposal to restrict the dowry is a vivid example of the kind of supreme confidence and rights Islam empowers a woman with.

While you may correctly argue that many of the examples of oppression within the West of which I have mentioned also occur in the Muslims lands, let us be frank though, Laura dear. These issues are occurring in our societies because of our LACK of an ISLAMIC society and the cultural invasion of your Capitalist scourge within our lands. Your culture tirelessly works to turn 'Nancy Agram' and 'Ruby' into our role models and simultaneously forget Nusaybah bint Kab and Safiyah bint Abdul Mutallib (ra), yet your speech indicates that even that is not corrupt enough.
I pray to Allah (SWT) that He gives us women of the Islamic Ummah the strength to sacrifice our wealth, energy, children and lives for the resumption of an Islamic Society so that you and your misguided counterparts can witness how a woman is truly 'liberated'.
Yours sincerely
Ahlam Amro (Umm Habibah).


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