Sunday, January 3, 2010

My cousin Namitha

My cousin Namitha..
This happened around 1-1/2 years back with my cousin sister Namita who was studying in 12Th Std (commerce).

It was my cousin brothers birthday. We planned to have a grand celebration at our building terrace. So we were expecting a large crowd.. At that time I was in SYBcom.The party was kept on Sunday evening at 6:30pm.The guest started arriving by that time and some later. At around 7.20pm my sexy cousin Namita arrived with her parents. She was looking absolutely beautiful with her stats being 34-26-32. She had worn a knee-length tight gown and was looking stunning. She came to me and said Hi and I too responded with a smile. She saw my other cousin whose name is Anita and they both went together to sit.

Now I was constantly seeing Namita and she too was looking at me. I went and sat near Namita and started talking about life, college etc. All the time during our chat I was looking at her body and appreciating her about it. The cake was cut and now it was party time with guest being offered snacks, cold drinks and hot drinks. She and I preferred to have beer. Then I was called by my aunt who gave me the house key so that I can accompany guest to freshen up, as it was not available in the terrace. Now most of my time was in the house and I hardly got to get back to the party.

I was in the house with some guest. They soon freshen up and were back to the party. I was also about to leave but then there was a knock on the door. It was Namita and Anita. During that time there was nobody in the house. I could make out the Namita was drunk. I ask her whether she was drunk but she nodded negatively. She wanted to go the toilet. Now my aunt arrived to take Anita to meet some of her relatives. My aunt told me to come up for lunch. I said I would come. I went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. I had to pass through the toilet to move to the kitchen. While passing through the toilet I found the toilet door vaguely ajar. I opened the door faintly to peep in to find my sexy cousin masturbating. . Oh what a scene that was. My dick was instantly erected. I pushed the door and ask her So whats up. She responded, So u don't know whats going on . I told her I know whats on but there is no guarantee whether I will be silent about this. She said, I know how to shut your mouth. She came closer to me and smooched me passionately. After some 4-5 mines we broke the kiss and she replied, I guess this is enough to stitch your mouth. I responded Yes but not for very long time. She said, No problem you will get much more better than this to just be quiet. I was very excited about it.

Now we were back to the party and took our dinner. All the time we were staring at each other. Now the guest were getting thin as all were leaving to their respective homes since it was well past 11.30pm.At around 12.15am we were left with only some close relatives. Since it was late they all decided to wait behind and move in the morning. Some relatives went with other relatives in the neighbourhood. All my cousins decided to sleep together and accordingly allotted a room inside. Namita also accompanied them and now they were 8 of them. Some elders sat back in the party and started with their regular dose of hot drinks, as they didn't consume during the party. I too retired at 12.45am and came down. I straightaway went to the room where my cousin was asleep to change my clothes. Through the dim light I could see Namita sleeping at the leftmost corner facing the wall. I was removing my clothes and some heard some giggling noise. To my surprise it was Namita who was giggling. I went close to her. There was a some gap between her and the wall. Maybe it was for me. I went and slept near her.

I lifted my hands and kept it on her stomach. She was at that time wearing Anita's nightgown which was a little short to her. She never responded to my touch. But after I while she lifted her hand and kept it on my dick. It was aroused by her touch. Now I told to come with me. I took her to the outside room where there was no one. We came closer and then she kissed me again on her lips. I kept my hands on my shoulders and started sliding towards her boobs. But she removed my hands from them. She then broke her kiss and was going towards the bedroom. I couldn't understand what was happening. Then she suddenly turned behind and stripped off her clothes in a seducing manner. I ran towards her and ripped off her bra and her panty. My sexy cousin was standing naked in front of me. She too started ripping off my clothes (night suit). Now we both were naked. She told me This is the full and final instalment to shut your mouth forever. I said sure anything for this.

I again gave her a nice sweet kiss on he lips. I was kissing her navel and then sucking her boobs. She bent down and took my dick in her mouth and started giving me blow job. Suddenly I cum med in her mouth and she swallowed my cum without dropping even a bit of it. I was surprised a bit. Now I came to her pussy lips, which was flowing with her juices. I made her to sleep and directly started inserting my dick in her cunt. She started moaning loudly. It took a little lesser time for me to enter into her cunt and then I realised that she was not a virgin.

I now started penetrating slowly when she quipped Fuck me harder. Haven't you done this before? This angered me and I increased my speed. She started moaning louder and said yeahhhhhhhhh that's better.Pleaseeeeeee eee kill my pusss....... .y with your dick. After some time I was about to cum and told her about this. She told me to cum outside. I removed my dick and splash my cum on her navel and stomach and then rested aside her. But she wanted more. So I once again started fucking her and this time harder than the previous. She started moaning more loudly than before. After sometime I once again cum outside her pussy. After 30Min's of fucking her I was tired and battered. But my satisfaction was not yet over. After sometime I got up and went and brought some oil. I told her I want to fuck her ass. She refused to do. But I assured her that nothing would happen to her and I will do it slowly and there is nothing to bother. But she still was not ready for it.

I told her No problem but I now that you are no longer virgin even much before I could She was surprised as to how I came to know about it. She thought that I might blackmail her about it so she asked me whats your deal? I told her your ass. She had no option left. But I assured her that I would do it slowly.. Finally she agreed.

Next I applied some oil over my dick and applied some on her ass. I made her to sit doggy style. I came behind her and then started penetrating slowly into her ass. It was quiet excruciating but then she started enjoying it very much. Slowly I increased my speed and she her moaning. After some time we heard a knock at the main door. So we instantly stop, changed our self to our clothes and she went to the room where was suppose to sleep and I went to other room. My uncle came to my room and I pretending to be fast asleep. Next day we all left for our respective places. But this was not the end. Many times I had been to her house and had sex. It was then that I came to know that although she had boyfriend it was her own brother who broke her virginity.

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